KWAN Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd
Clients in Metal Plating and Finishing Name Type of effluent Capacity Our scope Work completed Work in hand
1 Air India Limited Cyanide/ Chrome 140 m3/day Upgradation  
2 Hardcastel & Waud Mfg. Co Limited Hardening 10 m3/day Design  
3 Machine Tool Prototype Limited Cyanide/ Chrome 40 m3/day Turnkey  
4 Shree Precoated Steels Limited Oil/ Chrome 200 m3/day Turnkey  
5 VNS Industries Pvt Ltd CRC Coil 120 m3/day Consultancy  
6 Vikram Projects Limited Plating 500 m3/day Design  
7 Zarhak Steel Pvt Ltd HCL (Pickling) 8 m3/day Package