Multi-effect Evaporators

How Multi-effect Evaporators Work

Multi-effect evaporators utilize the heat from steam to evaporate water, resulting in a highly efficient evaporation process. This technology optimally employs the sensible heat in the condensate to preheat the liquor to be flashed. The design of the liquid flow paths is often complex, allowing for the extraction of the most recoverable heat and achieving the highest evaporation rates from the equipment.

Our Four Stage Multi Effect Evaporator

Kwan Enviro has developed an indigenously built Four Stage Multi Effect Evaporator, specifically designed for the evaporation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) reject water. This facility is supplied to units where Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) regulations are mandated by regulatory authorities. Our Multi-effect Evaporators are a critical part of achieving ZLD goals, ensuring efficient water management and compliance with environmental standards.