Membrane Bioreactor

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

What is MBR?

A Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) combines biological treatment with membrane filtration to deliver exceptional wastewater treatment results. The critical function of the membrane is to separate solids from water molecules, resulting in a high-quality treated output that is ready for reuse or feeding to a Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant.


Our MBR solutions find applications in various industries, including but not limited to:

  • Food Industry: Ensuring the safe and efficient treatment of food industry effluents.
  • Textile Wastewater: Addressing the unique challenges posed by textile industry wastewater.
  • Chemical Industry: Managing effluents from chemical manufacturing processes.
  • Pulp & Paper: Efficiently treating wastewater from pulp and paper production.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Meeting the strict environmental requirements of pharmaceutical effluents.
  • Low and Medium Strength Wastewater: Handling a range of industrial effluents with varying strengths.

Package MBR WWTP

pre-engineered units

Explore our pre-engineered package units with a plug-and-play system, designed for fast delivery. These ultramodern units feature remote control as an optional feature.

  • Capacity: 10 – 100 cubic meters per day
  • Technology: Membrane Bioreactor
  • Typical Quality: Turbidity > 1 NTU, BOD > 5 ppm, NH3-N > 5 ppm
  • Automation: Partly/Fully Automatic with SCADA-based control

Piloting Service MBR

Piloting Service MBR

Kwan Enviro has established a Pilot Plant to demonstrate the capabilities of the MBR process. This allows you to make informed decisions before investing in a full-scale MBR plant. The pilot plant not only showcases the technology but also highlights the intrinsic features of the process.

  • Capacity: 3000 liters per day
  • Technology: Membrane Bioreactor
  • Typical Quality: Turbidity > 1 NTU, BOD > 5 ppm, COD > 50 ppm